Orchestrating The Empire: An Interview With Gideon Grey


Nobody could have envisioned the immediate impact Gideon Grey has had for the United Empire and NJPW at large. In just a few months he has become an integral part of the United Empire, a standout character whether in the ring trying his utmost to support the group (often failing) or making grand ring introductions, and in impressively quick fashion he has endeared himself to the Japanese crowd despite the restrictions on crowd noise. Some may have been confused by his inclusion in the group at first glance but any doubts have been promptly quietened.

In this insightful and often wholesome interview, Gideon discusses how he came to be a member of the United Empire, his influence on the group extending far past his New Japan debut in September, and speaks on the incredible year they have had and what lies ahead for 2023. Ahead of Wrestle Kingdom, Gideon teases what role he may play in the Tokyo Dome and gives his thoughts on the marquee Will Ospreay vs Kenny Omega match. When asked which members of the STARDOM roster he would like to see join the United Empire he is cunningly coy in his response. but is quick to list off matches he would like to see his comrades compete in should Forbidden Door 2 happen, and even gives his own desire to wrestle Bryan Danielson. Gideon explains why Kevin Kelly has such disdain for him, details his experiences in Japan thus far, gives praise to Great-O-Khan and their touching relationship, which UK wrestlers he would like to see compete in a New Japan ring and lots, lots more in this packed interview!