At Wrestle Inn we have a varied assortment of wrestling podcasts for your entertainment with new episodes releasing twice a week. To join the fun simply search “Wrestle Inn” wherever you get your podcasts and be sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss an episode!

Tokyo Joshi Freedom Fighters is our TJPW focused podcast featuring Sam (@nambasanreacts) and Finlay (@effbeeaitch). The pair talk the latest happenings from the world’s most joyful promotion, and we promise it’s the only place where you’ll hear joshi wrestlers often compared to soccer players such as Zinedine Zidane!

Ace Tekkers is our NJPW focused podcast bringing together CiaranRH (@CiaranRH93), Sonal (@Wrestling_Chat), NK (@nkpreach) and SP3 (@TruHeelSP3) every fortnight. If you’re a fan of New Japan then this podcast is can’t miss as the crew offer insight into NJPW developments, perhaps with a few exclusive scoops from behind the curtain along the way.

ChocoCast is our ChocoPro focused podcast, because everybody needs an audible bit of happiness! Trent (@1UpCulture), Finlay (@effbeeaitch) and Tokyo’s own Jeffery (@jeffmazziotta) try their best to match the energy and enthusiasm of Chie Koshikawa whilst chatting about the latest scenes and events in the wonderful promotion, with plenty of first-hand accounts as Jeffrey attends so many ChocoPro shows that he could call Ichigaya Chocolate Square his second home!

All Elite Listening is our AEW themed podcast where you too can become All Elite! Alex (@Alex_m197), Libby (@Libby_Cadman) and MX (@fakesportfeel) discuss the big and the small, from Dynamite to Rampage and all the rumours in between, with guarantees of deep dives into the lore of The Elite!

Purovision spreads the love for all things Japanese wrestling as Jamie (@JJohson_16), Kay (@KaysQuest) and Ben (@bwidds72) catch up monthly to hit the big talking points from all the Japanese promotions. No promotion is off limits, and you can rest assured knowing Kay will force DragonGate discussions onto Jamie and Ben!

The Ocean Cyclone Show brings Wrestle Inn’s own troublesome Threedom of Trent (@1UpCulture), Ryan (@ryandilbert) and Scott (@ScottEWrestling) together to talk everything happening in joshi. Expect antics and shenanigans with games a recurring theme here, past episodes including an auction and March Madness!

On The Indies sees MX Sharpe (@fakesportfeel), Adam (@writeradam84) and Joe (@ThumblySqueezed) celebrate their passion for the North American independent scene as they discuss happenings both current and historical, plus deep dives into wrestlers, promotions or matches that have caught their eye lately!

Into The Wrestle-Verse is our only weekly podcast, exclusive to our Patreon members! Libby (@Libby_Cadman), Trent (@1UpCulture) and CiaranRH (@CiaranRH93) join forces to cherry-pick the topics they want to discuss from the past week in wrestling…at least that’s how it starts before they get lost in nonsensical and amusing tangents.

Noob Japan is a Patreon exclusive series that sees CiaranRH (@CiaranRH93) and a guest explore the world of Japanese wrestling, one wrestler at a time! Each episode is wholly dedicated to a specific wrestler with the discussion focused on who they are and their place in the larger wrestling word, perhaps our most educative podcast for both fans old and new alike.