Purovision: Tom Lawlor’s Tiny Shorts

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Purovision: Tom Lawlor's Tiny Shorts Wrestle Inn

Each month, Jamie, Ben and Kay get together to discuss all things Puro! From DDT to Dragongate, NJPW to NOAH and every promotion in between, they provide their insight and laughs on the current happenings in Japanese wrestling. In this episode they cover Japan’s tournament season, namely NJPW’s G1 Climax, AJPW’s Royal Road and NOAH’s N1 Victory. They discuss all the title matches from Dragongate’s Kobe Festival weekend at the end of July, including a fantastic Open the Twin Gate Championship match. Also, a match-by-match review of the Kazusada Higuchi vs Tetsuya Endo headlined DDT Wrestle Peter Pan show. All this and KENTA’s obsession with sticks, ZSJ’s tantrums, magic bikes, Shun Skywalker love-ins and of course Tom Lawlor’s tiny… tiny shorts. Read our features on our website WrestleInn.com. Follow us on Twitter @WrestleInn. Support us on Patreon at patreon.com/WrestleInn.