Of Savage Romance

In restless times in yearn of your arms

Where once there was one-way respect 

Empty now, yet filled again once more

Fade of world, recall a romance direct 

Daily I saw your name carved in stone

Never easy the decade without you

I cannot give up, though I’m alone

Therefore I fight on with steely sinew

Bright the world was since your smile

Heart behind it to take savage monster

Young and feral, protective of possession

Coldly hid this holy beauty from the roster

Count of three after an elbow’s drop

Swells music of pomp, of circumstance 

Your smile spread at this cream of the top

Through it you held my hand in this dance

Credit: WWE

In my corner, by the apron, in win and loss

Never was it easy – always on the move

They say, rolling stones gather no moss

Were we not to get into the groove?

With you in my arms, the world was ours

Though my deepest regrets I had hoarded 

My stash, hidden away, oh how this sours

How could I’ve done this, being so sordid?

Never was I perfect, living by my macho

I did all I could, empowered by your kiss

Macho Man Randy Savage or Randy Poffo

You walked with me to victorious bliss

Credit: WWE

The king I was, but never with you around 

A bitter pill this was to have swallowed

Sensational was she that saw me crowned

But without a queen this king hollowed 

Never again did I think to know your touch

Only faint and distant these memories

Unable to grasp it, having you in my clutch

What was here, gone like gentle breeze 

That breeze blew again to mighty wind

As tassels stood tall as I failed this dance

She that struck me, you came to defend

In dizzy haze, knew not I this new chance 

Vision clear, sight I thought I’d never see

There you stood, all others disappeared 

Beautiful, here and now, in front of me

Thunderous pounding hard as we neared

Thrust into my arms, upon my shoulder

Music swells again, not a dry eye found

Just as before, but now we are older

For now, your pulse is the only sound 

Credit: WWE

Life holds us in these moments fleeting 

Love everlasting, never forget this place

Eternally, confusing, filled with meaning

Bitter and yet sweet, such is its taste

No longer did I need this crown, only you

Platonic or with love, real or kayfabe 

Newer lovers or none, it’s always us two

As it is now, in this Jeep on this day

In this world I leave, to blinding light

That music swells again, there you are

Warmth encompassing and all is right

Hitherto I still loved you from afar

Etched in stone in our former realm

Forevermore we take this helm.