A Drink at the Inn With: Danhausen

During the last 18 months. few wrestlers have seen their profile rise as much as Danhausen. Signing a contract with Ring of Honor, appearing on Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Twitter interactions with The Rock and Pepsi Man (CM Punk), and further podcast appearances with Sam Roberts, Renee Paquette, and Chris Judas (Jericho).

Let’s explore why Danhausen has so many Fanhausens! Starting with his unique look: face paint helped the Road Warriors, Sting, and the Ultimate Warrior standout from the crowd and it does the same for Danhausen. His face paint and cape will be a popular choice with Trick or Treater’s everywhere as we head towards Halloween.

Danhausen is one of the hardest working wrestlers on social media and the humour of his posts have really helped build his character. His monthly YouTube vlog has to be checked out – a fascinating and entertaining look behind the scenes at both the shows he wrestles and his life outside the ring.

Catchphrases that fans can chant along to are another part of Danhausen’s success. He is ‘Very Nice, Very Evil’ and cleverly adds ‘hausen’ to the end of every day words. He does not like swearing and when fans at GCW started a ‘Holy S***’ chant he had to cover his ears. Following their appearance together at New York Comic Con, Danhausen wasn’t pleased with MJF when Maxwell added ‘hausen’ to a swear word in a social media post.

Dave Honor gave Danhausen his Ring of Honor contract and lots of monies in 2020. His ROH bio lists his weight as at least 300 lbs and for someone of that size he is amazingly agile in the ring! He has taken part in a number of exciting multi-man matches against competitors such as Mike Bennett, PJ Black, Dak Draper, and Flamita, and formed a tag team with former world champion PCO. When we asked Danhausen which Ring of Honor championship he has his eyes on, he simply responded “Television Championship, most famous.” A match against Dragon Lee would definitely make Ring of Honor lots of monies.

He told us the highlight of his Ring of Honor career to date was “finally returning to the live fans in Philly and wrestling a former world champion Dalton Castle.” This much anticipated bout took place on night two of Glory by Honor in August at the 2300 Arena. Danhausen ended up losing the bout but showed he has the ability to hang with the top stars in the company.

One of his finishing moves is a version of the Go To Sleep, with Danhausen impressively receiving permission from both Pepsi Man and KENTA to use the well-established maneuver. One of his more unconventional strategies is throwing a bag of loose teeth into the mouth of his opponent, his opponent panicking and losing focus as they struggle to spit the teeth out.

A dance distraction is another part of Danhausen’s exotic arsenal – he likes nothing more than a mid match dance break to the song Tequila. We saw this recently when he made a surprise appearance in Game Changer Wrestling to help Ron Funches in his match against Tony Deppen. Danhausen shared his memories of that night: “Paul Scheer was very nice and then very menacing by betraying us. The genuine surprise and happiness of the crowd seeing me since I was a secret.”

Danhausen is a big TV and film fan, and frequently talks about horror movies and episodes of The Simpsons he enjoys. His close, personal friend The Rock is routinely Hollywood’s highest paid actor, and an acting career may be in the cards for Danhausen: “Danhausen would love to be in Hollywood. Perhaps a guest role on What We Do in the Shadows to break in.”

We ended our conversation with Danhausen as we do all our guests, asking what meal they’d eat, what drink they’d drink and which two wrestlers they’d bring for company if they had a table at Wrestle Inn: “Danhausen will be consuming mass quantities. Drinking gallons of Pepsi with of course, the Pepsi Man and maybe he would bring one Samuel Zayn as well.”

The future is certainly looking bright for Danhausen whether in Ring of Honor, Game Changer Wrestling, or elsewhere. Perhaps one day we will see that dream match up in AEW between Danhausen and Pepsi Man!

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