Come, gather ‘round and listen to the somber tale of the Dark Father

A man with explosive kicks and backstories unexplored

And you will find yourself in this world of contrast,

A realm comprised of bleak despair and vibrant hope

Think you can sit through the sermon of this black mass?

In this twisted darkness, much was taught to me

I’ve carried my abilities as I carry my tattoos

Martial arts, kickboxing, and Pencak Silat

These were my true parents

After all, who wants to raise a devil?

As I open the veins of my past, know it to be true;

Know of the child surrounded by death

Know of he who was trained not to fight the dragon,

But to be the dragon itself

To burn the monsters of this world, including you.

You, reading this, eyes scrolling left to right across each sentence

Who raise your children in your wicked ways –

Turn on the news and you’ll see it to be true, humanity and its evils

Yet it is you, who perpetrate your propaganda,

Pointing your finger and playing the victim.

Credit: WWE

Context that you create, nobody is truly good, nobody is truly evil

Yet I look upon you all, with all of my deadly abilities

And I see that we are not equals

So, take it – take your best shot and release the pressure

I’ll be waiting here, watching from my lodge in Amsterdam.

For none of us are above sin, this I truly do know,

I am not one to cast the stone, for I was once the greatest sinner of all

Yet, I know not the nature of what I did, and I may never know

I will never know my own evils, yet I will absolve you of yours

Kick it out of you as my foot strikes your jaw with grim brutality.

As the crimson fluid scatters across the sky and meets the mat

And you are flung to the ropes and the turnbuckle,

See me in these colors and know you’ve caused this

This dire misery you’ve wrought for yourself

Realize this and enjoy living in infamy.

Sit there as you will and cast your judgement as you look at me.

True to the nature of man, you see what you want,

What was fed to you in your echo chambers, fed to you by your elders

All of these lofty aspirations, housed in lies of how good you are

I never fell for it, that there was wrong in these notions.

Credit: WWE

Father taught me well, that the adoration and achievements are merely consolations

You’ll never be good enough, no matter how hard you try

They tell you that you will succeed, but the puppet masters have only so many strings

Pray tell, who will they fit – who will tow the line and follow their every whim?

I could give you the keys to escape these shackles, but I won’t.

With the abysmal, dreaded number of inequalities in the world,

You think you got there by yourself – you with your entitlement?

No, someone helped you there, taught you who to be, yet you cast it aside

All while others with nothing scramble up the ladder, trying their best

In another world, their best is more than enough.

The privileged have eaten their meals and they’ve eaten it well

Gorged with their greed, cooked by the efforts of others

I never saw myself of that breed, for I am the Dark Father, I am the Dragon

While the many snap under such pressure, they fall into a different evil

And yet we wonder what we could have done to stop it!

Here is a lesson for you all: spectators are not the victors

While watching these companies go to war, you miss the picture

The talents crafting their art on the canvas painted with blood and sweat

They are the participants – may the spoils go to the victor

And as these stallions race for you, you cheer them on, for their wins are yours, right?

Trial by fire, meant to envelope you or to clean you

Such is the cruelty of life, but I am a cruel man

You’ve said it yourself, as I bear tattoos and piercings.

However, who was cut from steel, and who was crafted from dirt?

I could teach you to fight, to free yourself from mediocrity, but I won’t.

Credit: WWE

These tattoos you’ve seen on me, were etched into me by my father,

A beautiful pain that serves a purpose – purpose of honesty, purpose of truth

This agonizing, desolate, miserable armor – you hide from your sins but I wear mine

These sins that I embody, sketched from the art of my cruelty

This beast’s blood, poured into my chalice, is filled to the brim with cruel thoughts,

I drink it proudly as you swim in the cesspool of sins and denial

Humans – they hate what they don’t understand, blinded by the truth

Father knew this, and these lessons are a part of me, so as I take each sip

I see it is you that should be judged, not I – for I fight to right my past wrongs

In this vitriolic bath of loathsomeness, I will venture to cull the herd.

Many times, I have heard the cries of other, shouting their “truths” about me

That I was a cult member, a leader, or someone who would dare harm the innocent

These dirty musings written on the sheets, lies told for naught

For you all shall see as the light luminates the falsities told in the dark

Selection for societal sanity – break those chains and wake up!

I am no ordinary man, I fly, I breathe fire, and my claws will slash in my kicks

Know this, that not all stories will have their big ending, but all will get what is coming

The conspiracy theorists, the Judas’s, the prideful princes, and the purveyors of false positivity

All scrambling for the gold, while I carve upon the stone my name that will live forevermore

I could hand you even a morsel so you can taste my triumph, but I won’t.

Purged from the villainy of judgement and narcissistic smugness,

Having fought countless battles to become the ultimate

I will burn it all down and build it anew, here or elsewhere

For the Dragon must claim his keep and hide its truest treasure, the truth

So swears the Dark Father, as the skies of the foolish shall be blackened.

Credit: WWE