La Mera Mera

With the paint of a warrior and the blood of a fighter, she stands above all,

And she has bled that for all to one day walk her path.

Face half decorated with the skull of her culture so they may carry her ball,

Get in her way, you will feel the full extent of her wrath.

She combats with all of her might, her strikes come with the sound of thunder.

Ev’ry punch, ev’ry kick seeks to shatter that ceiling,

So that ev’ry young girl may one day make use of this moment of sheer wonder –

Doing this in the hopes they grow to have this feeling.

They say I must be one of the wonders of God’s own Creation

While other women may seek to become the face of their own promotion’s division,

Her aim is the face of women’s wrestling; she’s Thunder Rosa,

Rest assured, through grit and determination she vowed to silence any sexist derision,

After all, the blood that she sheds in the ring is her own ambrosia.

Rosa will fight all comers – be it dentist or fighters from the Land of the Rising Sun,

In her home base, overseas, or in places that are All Elite,

This woman will not cease, she won’t give up the fight until the war has been won.

Refuses to halt ‘til she meets grand victory or grim defeat.

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

And as far as they can see they can offer no explanation

Do not think the lust and drive for all-out war is the very thing that defines her,

For she revels in her own beauty and her other interests,

Yet she celebrates the magnificence of others with the soulful love of a mother.

Truly she honors wholesome craft, it makes no difference.

Locked in struggle under a cobra moon or clenched in tussle within the Lucha Underground,

By herself or with friend Holidead, against anyone she fights toe-to-toe,

Evident it is that pound for pound, Rosa is without doubt the best woman’s wrestler around.

Proper booker Rosa is, runs her own women’s promotion in Mission Pro.

O, I believe – fate smiled at destiny

Fret not, despite the crimson mixing with her skull-face paint, busted open from one of her foes,

Nor should worry be cast upon her multiple welts and her many blisters,

This is her way, to tell her art, hone her craft, and telling her story in this physical form of prose.

Scars on her soul and body she devotes to her countless Twisted Sisterz.

In dedication to the badass women that paved the road for Rosa, she so wrestles.

Richter, Chyna, Blayze, Kong, and Lita.

Painting a better future for the girls to one day surpass her in the field she hustles,

Riho, Nyla, Anna Jay, Conti, and Leyla.

Laughed as she came to my cradle

Whether she fights in the street, on the mat, or above the field of terrifying thumb tacks,

Her might will never be quelled in her fight for feminism.

Not one is she to grovel on her knees for opportunity – no she never needs to go and ask.

Rosa’s legacy lies within her journey to end gender schism.

Win or lose, her body of work will be ever amassing, to talk about for decades to come.

For those that celebrate and observe The Day of the Dead –

La Mera Mera’s venture extends to her people, and to those in locales that she’s not from,

Independents, overseas or in places Elite is where she heads.

Know that this child will be able

Match her hunger and her tenacity with an opponent of equal footing, you’ve got a fiery match,

But you better bring the full force of hell with you,

As she is an angelic force of devastation, disguised as a devil, absolutely unique from the batch –

Focus your course, do not stray from the path askew.

All of this, all of the aura bestowed within this woman can be seen in that sadistic, wicked smile.

She lives for this, she breathes in this wicked romance,

As she bites, claws, and kicks, she’ll do so with the raw power and finesse equipped to her style.

In doing so, viewers are vacuumed into a euphoric trance.

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

With love, with patience, and with faith

A missing ingredient, Thunder Rosa is one to rely on to elevate the fresh meat – new opponents,

Ones of which have the drive and skills to be propelled to Stardom,

Lest they turn against the hand that feeds and go into business for themselves, a self-proponent.

Then, and only then, will Thunder Rosa become any sort of problem.

Una legión de apoyo, Rosa crea su proprio legado.

A medida que sube la escalera,

De un sueño de conquistar ese círculo cuadrado.  

Thunder Rosa es La Mera Mera.

She’ll make her way