A Drink at the Inn With: Karl Fredericks

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Karl Fredericks was a last minute recruit to Katsuyori Shibata’s LA Dojo, choosing to join NJPW over the WWE Performance Centre. He was the first to graduate the dojo, but in his time as a Young Lion he became the first foreigner to ever win the Young Lion Cup; his confidence and ability often unable to be restrained by the Young Lion regime. Touted as a guaranteed star in the future, Fredericks is a currently a constant on the main roster of NJPW’s weekly American show, New Japan Strong.

In this interview, Fredericks discusses life at the LA Dojo under the tutelage of Shibata; what changed for him when he graduated from being a Young Lion; his thoughts on the “forbidden door” happenings; his experience making his Wrestle Kingdom and Tokyo Dome debut; competing in the World Tag League alongside Hirooki Goto; how he discovered he could hit his gravity-defying dropkick; his love of music and horror films, and so much more!

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