2022 Wrestle Inn Awards

It’s that time! Awards season is upon us! And what better way to celebrate that than the first public Wrestle Inn awards! The ballot consisted of several multiple choice categories and some “quick pick” categories. 

For the multiple choice categories, respondents were asked to provide their top three selections in each category. A third place vote was worth one point in the final tally, a second place vote was worth two points and a first place vote garnered three points. In the “quick pick” categories, each vote was one point. At the end, there was also a spot for a bold prediction for 2023. 

Multiple choice categories

Favorite Promotion:
Stardom (7 pts)
Other votes were received for AEW, All Japan, Impact Wrestling, WWE, Dragon Gate, New Japan, and Tokyo Joshi Pro.

Best Event:
1st Place (18 pts): AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door
2nd Place (13 pts): Stardom 5-Star GP Finals
3rd Place (tie – 8 pts each): TJPW Summer Sun Princess, WWE WrestleMania, NJPW x Stardom Historic X-Over

Others receiving votes included: AEW Revolution, Stardom World Climax: The Top, AEW All Out, DDT Judgement 2022, Stardom Flashing Champions (May 28th), WWE Clash at the Castle, Impact Bound for Glory, NOAH Destination 2022, Dragon Gate Gate of Destiny 2022, NJPW Royal Quest II, TJPW Grand Princess, WWE Hell in a Cell, AEW Full Gear, PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 Day 2, and Hana Kimura Memorial Bagus

Credit: Ring of Honor

Best Match:
1st Place (8 pts): FTR vs. The Briscoes (ROH Supercard of Honor, April 1st)
2nd Place (tie, 6 pts each): Mayu Iwatani vs. KAIRI (NJPW x STARDOM Historic X-Over, November 20th), Miu Watanabe vs. Miyu Yamashita (TJPW Princess Cup Part 6, August 13th)
3rd Place (5 pts): Sheamus vs. Gunther (WWE Clash at the Castle, Sept 3rd)

Other matches receiving multiple votes: Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes (WWE Hell in a Cell, June 5th), Kazusada Higuchi vs. Konosuke Takeshita (DDT Who’s Gonna Top?, Sept 25th)

Most Important Moment of the Year:
1st Place (15 pts): Vince McMahon resigns as CEO of WWE
2nd Place (13 pts): AEW and New Japan coming together for Forbidden Door
3rd Place (8 pts): KAIRI defeats Mayu Iwatani to become the first IWGP Women’s Champion

Other moments receiving multiple votes: “Brawl Out” and the ensuing fallout, Cody Rhodes jumping from AEW to WWE, New Japan, and Stardom co-promoting the Historic X-Over show

Breakout Star of the Year:
1st Place (15 pts): Miu Watanabe
2nd Place (5 pts): Konosuke Takeshita
3rd Place (tie w/ 4 pts each): Speedball Mike Bailey, Mina Shirakawa, Jaime Hayter

Others receiving first place votes: Thekla, Michael Oku, Dax Harwood, Suzu Suzuki, MJF, Shun Skywalker, Wardlow

Miu Watanabe

Best Announcer:
1st Place (tie w/ 10pts each): Excalibur and Veda Scott
2nd Place (tie w/ 7pts each): Kevin Kelly, Pat McAfee, Taz
3rd Place (6 pts): Ian Riccaboni

Other votes were received for: Chris Charlton, Vic Joseph, Tony Schiavone, Renee Paquette, James Darnell, Murata Haruo, Stuart Fulton, William Regal, Eddie Kingston, John Blud, Oe Makato, Chris Brookes, Michael Cole, Baliyan Akki, Milano Collection AT, Tom Hannifan, and Anthony Douglas

Best Tag Team:
1st Place (21 pts): FTR
2nd Place (tie, 7 pts each): The Acclaimed, Fukuoka Double Crazy
3rd Place (6 pts): The Young Bucks

Other first place votes were received for: Aussie Open, The Usos, Dragon Dia & Yuki Yoshioka, Black Desire, and Sunshine Machine (Chuck Mambo, TK Cooper)

Quick pick categories

Best Weekly TV Show:
AEW Dynamite (5 pts)
Other votes were cast for WWE NXT, ChocoPro/Gatoh Move, AEW Rampage, WWE Raw, and NJPW Strong

Best Wrestling Personality on Twitter:
Nyla Rose (4 pts)
Other votes were cast for Veda Scott, Mel Coleman (@/MelColemanArt), Dana (@/itsdananow), Danhausen, @/backuphangman, Denise Salcedo, @/KarenMurray_ and @/effbeeaitch

Best Ring Announcer:
Sayuri Namba (3 pts)
Other votes were cast for Emil Jay, Bobby Cruise, Mike Rome, Lolo Brow, Gideon Gray, Justin Roberts, and Ozaki Kimihiko

Best Streaming Service:
Wrestle Universe (11 pts)
Other votes were cast for Fite+, ROH Honor Club, and Stardom World

Best Non-Wrestle Inn Podcast:
Kickout 2.99 (2 pts)
Other votes were cast for The Flagship, Between the Sheets, Co-Existing w/ Rob and Maggie, Stardom Road, Wrestle Me, Shining Wizards, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Strong Stylish, The Bryan and Vinny Show, DEADLOCK, and Match Club Pod

Best Wrestling News Site:
Fightful (3 pts)
Other votes were cast for: POST Wrestling, Bodyslam, Shupuro (Weekly Pro Wrestling) Mobile, Tokyo Sports, Cagematch, and Wrestling Observer

Bold Predictions for 2023:
Ryan Dilbert: “The former Sasha Banks will wrestle for Sendai Girls.”

Adam Ryan: “NXT and Impact work together in some capacity.”

Corey Michaels: “How can you predict what is sure to be unpredictable?”

Trent Breward: “MIRAI wins the Wonder of Stardom Championship.”

Ben: “ZSJ wins a NJPW singles belt.”

Steve Howard: “CM Punk will return to WWE.”

Kay Quinn: “All of these crossover shows will merge together into a giant interpromotional mindf*ck. Maybe in the form of that Junior Festival Hiromu wants.”

Sam/Nambasanreacts: “New Japan brings back cheering and people still don’t react to Will Ospreay just like Kenny Omega said.”

Thumbly Squeezed: “A Forbidden Door equivalent…involving AEW vs WWE.”

Ethan Viera: “Tam Nakano wins the 5 Star GP.”

James Carlin: “Yu Ishino wrestles in a male promotion.”

Thefeelite: “NOAH gets its booking straight.”