Wrestle Binn: The Unstoppable Rise of EVIL (with Dick)

The rise of EVIL has been unstoppable over the last year. Since joining Bullet Club, the King of Darkness has only risen from height to height, becoming greater than any could have ever imagined.

Credit: NJPW

New Japan Cup winner, double IWGP Heavyweight and IWGP Intercontinental Champion, countless tag matches against former comrade Tetsuya Naito (each infinitely enthralling), almost winning B Block in the G1 Climax, an absolutely unforgettable run in World Tag League alongside the immortal Yujiro Takahashi (arguably EVIL’s pièce de résistance since joining Bullet Club), and finally, making wrestling history by competing in the first ever Creation of Darkness Blindfold match for the coveted KOPW2021.

Going from double champ to creating history vying for Toru Yano’s KOPW, a fairy-tale story. Who in the last 12 months has a resume that could even begin to compare to the sempiternal EVIL?

Once upon a time, EVIL was putting on standout matches as part of Los Ingobernables de Japon. Gone are those horrendous days in LIJ of tremendous singles matches, of being a respectable tag team champion. Now we are witnessing the unerring evolution of EVIL, a sizeable package that includes Dick Togo, their growth and firmness together immeasurable.

Credit: NJPW

EVIL’s matches have transcended greatness and are now unmissable; every match I find myself in veritable shock at how Dick whips out a unique way to interfere. Sometimes it’s by using his Spoiler’s Choker, other times it’s by using his Spoiler’s Choker, and in the most precarious of circumstances he may just bust out his Spoiler’s Choker. It’s almost defies logic at how the pair can always distract the referee, allowing them to implement their nefarious tactics. How can two men be so conniving as to consistently trick the sharp referees using the same methods repeatedly?! It’s a level of genius we may never fully understand.

Having accomplished so much in so little time, I find myself wondering what could possibly be left for EVIL. His already illustrious career doesn’t warrant the need for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, some wrestlers are simply larger than the titles they can compete for, and it doesn’t get much bigger or solid than EVIL and Dick.

Wrestle Binn is a satirical series, a creative avenue for our team to have fun writing about the less enjoyable aspects of wrestling.

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