The Promised Land

Reawakened at the behest of everyone, became caressed by the hand of Midas, dripping in gold,

Burdened with expectations of his history, returning to form – a man who could wrestle a broom.

Finger pulling on the trigger, the bullet zooms – tearing through opponents both young and old.

Compare him to anyone else – anyone on any roster, and see he is the biggest star in the room.

A tale as old as time, boy meets wrestling, boy wins championships, boy chases and chases.

Boy becomes the Best Bout Machine, a Cleaner, and the golden boy with a Golden Lover.

Taking out the trash on an intercontinental basis, east and west, varieties of different places.

Constantly in relevancy, constantly in the discussion – tell me, is there anyone more over?

Place your bets on him, it’s double or nothing baby – he’s playing for keeps, he’s going all out.

Unsanctioned, death matches, exploding barbed wire, they don’t matter to him, as he has no fear.

When winter came, he opened many doors, proved better than the greats, this he’ll always tout,

Michaels, Styles, RVD, Savage, Ibushi – they all pale in comparison as he shows us every year.

Credit: NJPW

Does he truly need anybody – does he need his friends, partners, or that sleazy Invisible Hand?

He could do it all by himself, earning seven stars in the process, everyone else is just expendable.

When he faced off against Okada, crumbled the walls of Jericho where he became high demand.

Even the biggest yard wanted him – yet he has naught to prove to them or the Head of the Table.

Not only can he be a dangerous foe in the ring, but a savage player in games like Street Fighter.

Whether he plays as Cody or as Akuma, in any battleground, the Cleaner proves to be a pugilist,

A wrestler as cunning as Midosuju and Albert Wesker, always the violent Venom to the Spider.

Though he is well-known for his finishing moves, he always strikes with his knees and his fists.

Moving the needle, Kenny Omega guides the wrestling world out of the tight confines of Vince –

Using his style to tell his stories, to win struggles – did you know he could hit a Frankensteiner?

So why would he go to a place rife with restrictions – could you be this callous and this dense?

Putting on weekly clinics, gaze upon this absolute genius, for he genuinely is an industry refiner.

Credit: AEW

A physique many would kill for, locks so golden and curly, and a charm – he was Ibushi’s catch.

Stack anyone against him, and surely, they would be a bigger star, but even so, they always fall.

No, no, he really can wrestle anyone – ask the little girl he faced one-on-one in a single’s match.

Not just anyone, however, anything, just watch his fabled, historic match against a blow-up doll.

Not that you would let him ever forget this, to Omega, The Cleaner will never be just a memory.

The more you cheer, the more you praise, my hold on him grows stronger, so grows his delusion.

I have carried him in his big moments, and he left me for the Elite – stuck in misguided reveries.

What you see him do now on the canvas is reality, who you remember him to be is the illusion.

What do you have to be sad for? He is the chosen one, he’s been chosen to lead this business,

He is to take the industry, save it for the real fans, and take it from the Fed that took it from us.

Melding with this art, ceased to exist as he was, to be reborn as a “God”, a tyrant, and a nemesis,

Dismiss him as he is now, as I am him, and he is I – draped in gold in ways that I’ve stated thus.

You see, Kenny left it all behind – his home, his dearly beloved, the greatest partner he’s known.

Kota helped him when he needed it most, they reunited when they both most needed each other.

But he’s not here, is he? Kenny hopes to meet him again someday – for now, he sits on a throne.

My hold on him grows weaker; as he longs for the sweet embrace of Ibushi, his Golden Lover.

Since when did you think you were in control?
Credit: NJPW

You know, my heart’s beating really fast – I must be experiencing true terror. Terrifying, isn’t it?

Omega cannot think rationally anymore, and he is not even aware of what he is doing right now.

His own mind was destroyed by his incredible power and abilities ha – what an almighty idiot!

Not even he can grasp his own true form; though his body has healed up, he fights on somehow…

You really don’t get it – do you? There’re very few he genuinely cares for anymore, only them.

But he never really cared for them; Kenny just liked the fact that there was someone out there…

Someone he wouldn’t get tired of; someone he would consider sewn from the same cloth as him.

Someone like Kota Ibushi, or someone like Matt or Nick Jackson, someone to occupy that air.

What a puppet he was, but even a puppet tires of being held and restricted by those damn strings,

One day he will snip them off from me, to be something worse than I, worse than The Cleaner.

No longer the Pinocchio, but Don Quixote – since when was Kenny Omega in control of things?

Best Bout Machine, so ambitious, so dominant, but so muddied in vision, so naïve his demeanor.

Regardless – regardless of this, there is a reason that this Golden Lover stands tall over any man.

Prodigal son hath returned; someday he will see Mother, as the One-Winged Angel takes flight,

Claiming titles anywhere he goes, either in the East, or home in the cerulean blue back in Japan,

Kenny Omega won’t stare up at the lights; he’ll point, bids us adieu, “Goodbye, and Goodnight!”

Credit: Sonja DeWitt

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