A Drink at the Inn With: Adnan Kureishy

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A name and face you may not have seen before, but a voice you’ve definitely heard, Adnan Kureishy is the terrific ring announcer for NJPW Strong! A long-time New Japan fan, Adnan has found himself living the dream, an integral part of New Japan’s USA expansion, introducing stars including Jay White, KENTA, Jon Moxley and many more.

In this lively interview Adnan talks about how he got his start with New Japan; how it felt going from buying a ticket to the Strong Style Evolved tour three years ago, to now being the ring announcer for that same tour; the highlights of his time with NJPW so far, including calling the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship match between Jon Moxley and KENTA; the work that goes into being a New Japan ring announcer; his hopes for the future; which NJPW wrestlers he’d like to play video games with (Minoru Suzuki?!) and much more!

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