The Fig-gest Event of the Year: FWF’s MajorFest Preview and Predictions

Credit: Major WF Podcast

Over the past 26 weeks, the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast has given us the Figure Wrestling Federation. One show, with 2 brands, adding up to a Wednesday Night War full of newly written Attitude Era action. Each show has fantasy booked its own original stories using rosters based on the figures available at the time, which they claimed in a good old fashioned fantasy draft. Matt Cardona (running the Turmoil brand) and Brian Myers (heading up the Thrill Zone brand) have each taken a very different tone in presenting their products, and it’s been neck-and-neck all the way through in terms of fan voting and internet reaction. The entire enterprise wraps up Season 1 this Sunday LIVE at their final “PPV” event: MajorFest, where each man will present their final card of fantasy booking for the time being.

Their care in presentation, imagination, and yes even impersonation means that this event deserves to be taken just as seriously as the Major crew’s prep and booking effort merit. So let’s take a legit rundown of each card: what stories are wrapping up, what belts are on the line, and what do we think will happen when fig meets fig in our imaginations? Read on!

Credit: Major WF Podcast

(Warning: The following contains spoilers from past episodes of the FWF. Also anything can happen on the live go-home show TONIGHT, Wednesday 01/27/21, at 8pm Eastern on Twitch. Tune in and see just how these predictions will get screwed up even before Sunday!)

Credit: Major WF Podcast

The Undertaker vs “The Higher Power” Sting
This relationship unfolded slowly and masterfully over time, with the icons being forced into an uneasy alliance that then thrived as their mystical and light-cutting powers combined to rule the ring. The early appearance and dominance of Dr. Death made it feel like we knew just who the big bad was around Turmoil, which made the reveal of Sting as the true Higher Power of the Ministry Of Darkness a masterful surprise. These two have been at each other’s throats ever since, including their armored showdown during the recent Hulk/Austin match. But Sting has loyal minions (finally someone who won’t turn on him dozens of times, Flair/Luger style) at his command. Importantly, since he’s largely been limited to run-ins and short appearances to save the excitement, I don’t think we’ve seen the full potential of this new dark side of Sting be unleashed yet. At MajorFest, I have a sneaking suspicion he might just drag the Deadman straight to hell, literally if that’s what it takes.

PREDICTION: Sting defeats The Undertaker and spreads darkness ‘cross the land

Harlem Heat vs D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry vs Edge/Christan vs Rey Mysterio/Billy Kidman (Tag Team Championship TLC Match)
D-Lo and Mark Henry have reigned as Turmoil‘s premiere tag team, almost uninterrupted, for the majority of the season. Their natural chemistry and complimentary styles have helped them excel against the less experienced or less organized teams in front of them on Turmoil each week. In this match, though, they’re up against real life brothers, kayfabe brothers, and best friends who also compliment each other in high-flying action. Their natural advantages with Henry’s strength could also be neutralized through liberal use of the namesake tables, ladders, and chairs.

Edge and Christian have spent all of the season lashing out and taking down their enemies with just those weapons, in particular their signature con-chair-to. They’ve yet to have a chance to ride their expertise in violence to a big win. But we know what they’re capable of in this kind of match, and I won’t bet against them finally wearing the FWF gold right at the last minute.

PREDICTION: Edge and Christian win the Tag Team Championship

Scott Steiner vs Jeff Jarrett (Interstate Championship Dumpster Match)

Credit: WWE

Over the course of the season, Big Poppa Pump has broken out to be the surprise fan favorite of Cardona’s brand. His trash talk (which often includes calling people LITERAL trash) has garnered the biggest reactions of the night in the arena and online. He’s brought action and comedy, both intentional and unintentional, as only the inventor of Steiner Math could. Jeff Jarrett, meanwhile, has worked hard to stake his claim as a serious champion, with no more singing or dancing and plenty of hard shots putting his guitar to other use. He’s proclaimed himself the “Chosen One” and cost Steiner his FWF Championship match against Hollywood Hogan out of a feeling that Jarrett himself should have been next in line. But running outside interference is a different ballgame than going toe-to-toe with the Big Bad Booty Daddy. As a man who spends every day (and especially every night) surrounded by puppies, Steiner is less apt to be distracted by Jarrett’s trusty valet Debra and more apt to deliver a serious beatdown in front of her and follow it up with an X-rated tirade.

On a gut level, it’s also just hard to see him going out at the end of this season of Turmoil on a down note. His star has consistently risen, and in the ring (without his axe) Jarrett doesn’t feel able to shoot it down now.

PREDICTION: Scott Steiner wins the Interstate Championship

Ken Shamrock vs Taz (Hardcore Championship Lion’s Den Match)
Two men whose hands could be registered weapons in a cage with actual weapons. What could go wrong? We saw Taz pull the ol’ cameraman disguise trick on the last Turmoil taping, getting the drop on Shamrock, but there will be no disguises or hiding places in this one. There will be bats, kendo sticks, trash cans, and who knows what else! That would seem to favor the ECW alum, but if you can’t get away from Ken Shamrock when he snaps then generally you will be done for pretty quickly. Not to mention, it’s hard to swing a weapon on busted ankles.

PREDICTION: Ken Shamrock retains the Hardcore Championship

Credit: WWE

Shane McMahon vs Rob Van Dam (Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight)
The rivalry between these two had seemingly simmered down following RVD’s return from a drug suspension. It hit a boil very quickly when Van Dam jumped Shane and then took his place as Commissioner for a week. Once Shane returned the favor by sneak attacking RVD in disguise and costing him a place in the Hardcore title match, it was on and I’m surprisingly invested in Shane-O-Mac actually getting involved in a match here. Where will they try to beat each other? Will Masked Wrestler show up (and if so, who the sweet blue hell will it be under the mask)? A zany good time is the only guarantee. I think the boss has the strings to pull (and dollars to dish out) to make sure he has reinforcements ready.

PREDICTION: Shane McMahon defeats Rob Van Dam

The NWO (Goldberg/DDP) vs The Wolfpac (Kevin Nash/X-Pac) (Grudge Match)
The actual terms of this “grudge match” have not been announced by Turmoil President Matt Cardona as of now, but anything involving these 4 and their sordid history is bound to be cruising for lots of bruising. The involvement of “Big Brother Bill” as a foundational NWO member has been a revelation for Turmoil, giving real muscle to Hollywood Hogan’s whims. In my mind, the wild card here is DDP. He joined the NWO because nobody else made a real stand alongside him to oppose the group, and if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. Part of me has this gnawing sense that he still plans to beat ’em, and on the FWF’s biggest stage. A rogue diamond cutter, a huge pop, and Goldberg left at the feet of ol’ Big Sexy to finish the match.

PREDICTION: The Wolfpac defeat The NWO

The Degenerate Horsemen (HHH/Ric Flair/Chyna) vs New Age Outlaws (3-on-2 Handicap Match)
This match felt the most like a throwaway leading into MajorFest, but during last week’s Major Bowl battle royale the relationship between Billy Gunn and Chyna seeped back to the forefront. There appeared to be legit heat between Chyna and Trips following Billy’s risking himself to save Chyna from elimination. Is it all a head fake by the Cerebral Assassin and the Ninth Wonder of the World? Perhaps, but I think this one just might come back to bite The Game in his crotch chop area.

PREDICTION: New Age Outlaws defeat The Degenerate Horsemen

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs “Hollywood” Hogan (FWF Championship Match)
Having overcome small screen star Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea on Turmoil, Steve Austin rolls into MajorFest lookin to stomp mudholes, walk ’em dry, and leave with a shiny new accessory. However, the man across the ring won’t be an affable “Real American” but the dastardly leader of the New World Order. Hollywood has been looming large throughout this season of Turmoil, a tentpole who’s held the title more than everyone else on the roster put together. Austin was a candidate to do the same before being run down by a Goldberg-driven truck and sidelined for an extended period.

Strangely, that may have ultimately given Austin the advantage. He sat home healing for much of the time Hogan spent being worn down facing the likes of Ultimate Warrior, Taz, and even recently-revealed BSK member Henry Godwin. The Rattlesnake is fresh, on fire (like he left Hogan’s boat), and ready to strike. Both men are known for trading big right hands and devastating signature finishers, but let’s not forget Stone Cold came up as a ringmaster and can surprise with his finesse or even an old-school Million Dollar Dream. This is his shot, his only one in the season, and his bag of tricks is less depleted than Hollywood’s. That feels like the bottom line…you know why.

Credit: WWE

PREDICTION: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin wins the FWF title.

Credit: Major WF Podcast

The Rock vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage
An encounter for the ages between two men known for owning the microphone. Now it’s time to see who is the better man in the ring. It seemed like a good sporting exercise until Savage used his recent experience leading the hardcore division to handcuff Rock to the ropes and allow him to catch a brutal beating. There will surely be a reprisal, but what kind of shape with The Great One be in come MajorFest? Is this a story of a hero overcoming odds, or battling in spite of limitations in a way that is honorable but comes up just short? Perhaps the most imporant factor is that this isn’t (as of this writing) a hardcore match, meaning Macho Man has to stick to what he can do between the ropes. The younger, spryer, and oh yeah MOST ELECTRIFYING man in the business has just a bit more in the tank to overcome the Hall Of Famer. The People’s Victor will also get his hand raised for real.

PREDICTION: The Rock defeats Randy Savage

Credit: WWE

The Legion of Doom (Hawk/Animal) vs The Boogie Knights (Flash Funk/Disco Inferno) vs Kronik (Brian Adams and Brian Clark) vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray/D-Von) (Tag Team Championship Fatal Four-Way Match)
Just typing all that made my head hurt, but the action is going to be just as painful for the participants. The Boogie Knights have been one of the biggest breakout attractions over the latter half of S1 of Thrill Zone, dazzling with their teamwork and high-flying moves while getting everyone up on their feet and having fun.

Despite this, the champs have to be considered the underdogs going in as you look at each other corner of the ring and see musclebound threats coming eagerly for the gold. LOD and the Dudleys have run roughshod over every tag division in existence and pack enough wallop to put anyone down for good. Kronik are newcomers to the scene but pinned Flash Funk on a recent Thrill Zone broadcast leading into the build for MajorFest. This is going to be a giant brawl and probably break down into chaos, which favors a team that knows how to fight through several others, and several ladders, on the way to victory.

PREDICTION: The Dudley Boyz win the Tag Team Championship

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Shane Douglas vs Chris Candido (Triple Threat’s Triple Threat Match)
These long-time friends and confidants dissolved into a bitter feud when they couldn’t get over the top in Thrill Zone together. Once the gold and wins dried up, the tension built and finally burst. We got a taste of different 1-on-1 matchups on recent Thrill Zone broadcasts, but letting them all loose in the same ring at the same time creates a different challenge. Can “The Franchise” put ego aside and admit he needs help against the monstrous Bam Bam? Can Candido bear feeling like he’s helping Shane? Will dissension let “The Beast From The East” just beat the tar out of them both?

It’s going to come down to the best combination of work rate, strategy, and simple athletic endurance in order to come out on top. Douglas has the mind, but he’s also the oldest and may wear down lined up against a bigger competitor and a younger one. His protege, however, seems ready to step out and shine in this all-business match. No BS, no stipulations, no hurdles to jump through, no gimmicks…sound familiar?

PREDICTION: Chris Candido defeats Bigelow and Douglas

Credit: WWE

Raven vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (Backstage Brawl)
Since switching brands, Raven has eschewed all attempts at recruiting a Thrill Zone Nest and instead stuck to his individualistic streak. He wants glory and wants to know “What about me?!” Sick of answering the question, Commissioner Piper (like his Turmoil counterpart) is ready to tell him a thing or two about his face and some new ways to arrange it. Piper has been a tough but fair authority figure, but Raven should not underestimate just how unfair he will fight when he’s throwing hands himself.

We’ve seen decades of the Hot Rod poking eyes, taking cheap shots, and torturing folks for fun no matter whether he was getting cheered or booed. This match format plays right into that. It also leaves it very likely to have others involved. However, it feels equally probable that Raven could recruit new followers or that folks could be banging on Piper’s door for a chance to shut Raven up. Only one of these guys has been active in the ring in Thrill Zone, though, and that has to count for something.

PREDICTION: Raven defeats Roddy Piper

Ahmed Johnson vs Mike Awesome (Interstate Championship Match)
Thrill Zone EVP Brian Myers has taken a special interest in Ahmed Johnson, providing him feature matches and TV time to display his hard-hitting, few-words style to great effect. He now goes head-to-head against another bold behemoth in Mike Awesome. Neither will back down, while both want to end MajorFest on the championship level. The men may be equal on sheer muscle, but anyone who’s watched Mike Awesome in ECW knows his athleticism and willingness to do anything to win transcends just being a big man. That edge in agility and aerial brutality will give him the nod.

PREDICTION: Mike Awesome wins the Interstate Championship

Goldust/Luna Vachon vs “The Worm” Dennis Rodman/Marlena (Mixed Gender tag-team Match)
Given the lineup involved here, and the crazy bedroom antics that have already preceded the match, this could go literally anywhere. A bloody brawl? A marriage reunited? A weird androgynous swinging-type deal? Anything is possible. I think the pattern all along in this feud, Rodman being the one a cut above and pulling Goldust’s strings, stays true in some fashion.

PREDICTION: Rodman & Marlena defeat Goldust & Vachon

Credit: WWE

Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw vs ??? (Hardcore Championship Invitational)
We know there’ll be a large, loud Texan swingin’ wildly, but the rest of who and what will appear during this has been intentionally left blank. I’m picturing a Crash Holly-style melee where the last one to pin and make it to a cab will take the spoils (for you young’ns, picture the 24/7 crowds that R-Truth has become the master of escaping). I’m going off the board for this one, folks. It may be wrong, but given EVP Myers’s love for ECW and one hardcore icon who’s yet to be heard from, but knows how to make beloved surprise entrances, it’s straight from the heart.

PREDICTION: The Sandman debuts and wins the Hardcore Championship

Kane vs Vampiro (Casket Match)
Originally called out as an Inferno Match, EVP Myers has announced it’s officially a Casket Match between two men who don’t fear darkness or death. Vampiro should probably fear his former Deadpool running mate, though, after having Brian Lee impersonate the Big Red Machine several times on Thrill Zone broadcasts. Kane made short work of the imposter and immediately turned his focus onto his former friend. Vampiro has reason to want vengeance too after Kane stopped him from becoming the #1 contender against Scott Hall last week, so both men are out for blood. Two evil forces colliding, wanting to break bones, and one of them is Kane. Barring unforeseen surprises, you don’t need to be Scott Steiner to do that math.

PREDICTION: Kane defeats Vampiro

Owen Hart vs Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Shawn Michaels (FWF Championship Triple Threat Match)
This has been building since the very first episode of Thrill Zone, when Bret and Owen could not figure out their differences and eventually Owen used a Blue Blazer stand-in to torment his brother and launch his heel run to the top. The Giant going from the reigning champion to Owen’s “heater” backing him up changed the dynamic of the whole roster, as the former “Rocket” reached orbit and captured the FWF Championship, his first world title in a stellar career. Since then, he’s cheated and manipulated and done everything possible to cling to his gold. Unfortunately, it may have backfired as he now faces two of the best to ever lace up boots. Bret and Shawn have their own tortured history, and Owen has already made use of it to keep their focus off of him.

To win a match with such personal stakes and Hall Of Fame talent will mean putting emotion and games aside and focusing on strategy and how to target each opponent’s weaknesses. In short, you’re going to have to execute excellently.

PREDICTION: Bret “Hitman” Hart wins the FWF title.

Credit: WWE

So there you have it. Steveweisers and Pink & Black confetti will be flying at the end of these, folks, while everyone will have witnessed one hell of a ride. Not only at MajorFest, but all along these past 6 months of the FWF. From the initial draft to surprise debuts, from roster swaps to the final bell of these upcoming matches, it’s been entertaining and enjoyable for all. Make your predictions, strap in, and enjoy the action LIVE at MajorFest this Sunday!

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