A Drink at the Inn With: Rocky Romero

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Rocky Romero is an unsung hero within NJPW. Newer fans may be entirely unaware of his Hall of Fame worthy career because the maestro can seemingly do it all; he’s on English commentary; he’s managing Roppongi 3K; he’s dropping awesome hip-hop tracks; he’s integral to the development and promotion of New Japan Strong. You’d be forgiven for not knowing that he is also one of the greatest junior heavyweight wrestlers of all time, a record holding 8 time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion and a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion (as Black Tiger Mask)!

In this interview, Rocky discusses the unforgettable Wrestle Kingdom 15 and Kota Ibushi’s ascension to becoming God; the incredible Mega Coaches vs Roppongi 3K title match; his future as a wrestler; his life behind the commentary desk; who his favourite son is; whether the Okada cruise will return; how NJPW Strong is akin to NXT or AEW Dark; why he hates BUSHI and so (so so so!) much more!

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