Meet The Team

Wrestle Inn is a home for passionate fans to write about pro-wrestling, a packed house full of talented individuals. Each member of the team has experienced their own, unique journey into the fantastical world of wrestling, and here you can get to know each of them personally.


Head of the El Desperado fan club

Based in London, UK, CiaranRH is a devout NJPW fan. His first exposure to New Japan was in 2014 when he saw Shinsuke Nakamura at a show in East London, immediately enamoured he flew to Tokyo for G1 Climax 25 the following year and has been to Japan a further three times since.

A sucker for history and stats, Ciaran has a penchant for incorporating these into his writing, often highlighting win-loss records and championship reigns. If there isn’t wrestling to be watched, he’s probably at the cinema or playing a videogame.

Twitter: @CiaranRH

Molly Belle

EVP of Smiles

Molly’s love of wrestling began as a young girl, introduced by her grandfather in 1998. It’s a love that has not wavered in the 22 years since. She wears her heart on her sleeve and enjoys writing with a focus on emotion. In her Beyond the Belle series, Molly explores just that, focusing each piece on a specific topic she feels is important to examine further.

As a proud gay woman, inclusivity and progress matter to her a great deal. When she’s not watching or writing about wrestling, she can be found running, lounging in her PJs, wishing upon a star, or ugly crying while watching her favorite rom coms repeatedly. More of Molly’s work can be found on, where she has many pieces published to great acclaim.

Twitter: @Hells_Belle99

Ryan Dilbert

Slugfest Sommelier

Ryan is a biracial writer and fourth-grade teacher from the Cayman Islands who suffers from waves of anxiety that hit as hard as a Miyu Yamashita head kick.

When writing about wrestling, he tries to treat it with the same reverence we so often do with “high art” like Shakespearian theater. In addition to his columns celebrating the rugged poetry of wrestling promos or the brutal beauty of a hard-hitting match, he writes fiction (seen in journals like Smokelong Quarterly, NANO Fiction, and matchbook). He is also the author of Mat Burns, a flash fiction chapbook featuring surreal stories about pro wrestling.

Twitter: @ryandilbert

Trent Breward

President of the Jungle Kyona prayer circle

Some people’s earliest memory is of their mother’s smile, or of their first trip to the beach. For Trent, it was sitting cross legged on the floor watching Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin duke it out at Wrestlemania 14. And ever since he’s been a passionate fan, wading through the wealth of promotions before currently settling his fandom squarely around Stardom and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Australian born and bred, when Trent isn’t watching wrestling or thinking he can play basketball, he’s probably planning his next trip. The world is out there waiting to be seen, plus there’s never too many times that you can visit Korakuen Hall.

Twitter: @1UpCulture

Dave McAdam

Raised in an Orphanage by a Jaguar Masked Luchador

Born in the distant past (the 90’s) in the wilds of Ireland, Dave didn’t have many chances to interact with pro-wrestling growing up. Aside from the occasional WWF tape, most of his exposure to the art/sport came from action figures and video games. Only with the internet came the chance to really experience wrestling as it should be, and Dave dove deep.

Dave loves wrestling, video games, music and comics. He loves nothing more than when any of the above intersect, at which point Dave turns into leonardodicapriopointing.gif. Really just a sucker for unusual means of storytelling, he adores characters he can relate to and root for. No better medium for that than professional wrestling!

Twitter: @MostUselessDave

Katie Brady

Star Editor

Katie began watching wrestling in the late 80’s – as her two brothers and father would watch together. Her love for wrestling grew in the early 90’s and has stayed true to this very day! She loves everything from the storylines to each of the characters. Wrestling has been a wonderful part of her life and now she shares it with her own children!

Based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Katie graduated from Penn State University – York campus in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. When she’s not editing lovely wrestling articles, she can be found hanging at home with her family – her husband Ryan, daughter Emma, her son Brooks, their two cats, and their dog!

Twitter: @KatieBrady383

Sonja E. Dewitt

Director of Storytelling (Word Herder)

Sonja is an author and narrative designer with a passion for romance, classic video games, and professional wrestling. At five years old she was enamored by her father’s collection of wrestling VHS tapes – particularly those that highlighted the story of Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. After watching their reunion at WrestleMania VII she knew two things: love and the love of wrestling.

Sonja has an MFA in Creative Writing/Game Design that she uses to write novels and games that blend her fondness for wrestling and romance. When she’s not writing or watching wrestling, she draws comics and raids the occasional dungeon.

Twitter: @SonjaRedDeWitt

Thumbly Squeezed

Vegetative Yet Verbose

After coming of age in the Attitude Era, your ol’ pal Thumbly returned to wrestling in the mid-2010s after moving across the country and finding the familiar faces, dynamics, and cool moves of pro wrestling to be a comfort. Since then he’s just gone deeper into the fantastic people in and surrounding the business. This included becoming a full fledged member of the Inanimate Wrestling Brigade, repping Orange Cassidy’s famously half-hearted thumb, before expanding into writing and other content.

His interests include being a passionate nerd for things outside just the world’s least passionate wrestler, including music, tv and all kinds of pop culture. He’s fascinated by where they intersect with wrestling, each other, and what it means from the fan perspective as the one consuming it. Luckily watching and listening can be done while engaging in his trademark #SlothStyle, which you can find all over social media. His past work has been shared and recognized by the likes of Chris Jericho, the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, and more! If you’re into that sort of thing…whatever. Just pull up a stool, stay a while, and enjoy your time at the Inn!

Twitter: @ThumblySqueezed

Corey Michaels

The Inntertaining One

Introduced by his brother to the world of wrestling, Corey fell in love with the characters. After lapsing at the end of the 2000s, Corey found himself sucked back in by the likes of Asuka and Kenny Omega in 2018, he fell in love with pro wrestling and hasn’t looked back since.

An avid lover of stories, Corey also enjoys reading comics, poetry, and literature, playing video games, and whatever else strikes his fancy. With aspirations to someday become an author, he hopes to one day have books of his own published.

Twitter: @coreymacdazzle

Scotland Underwood

Wrestling and Grape Connoisseur

Ever since 1-2-3 Kid pinned Razor Ramon, Scotland has spent his days learning the rich history of the game with note-taking, fantasy booking, and admiring the art of Pro Wrestling..

Proud of his heritage and race, Scotland incorporates his knowledge of Black wrestling history to educate readers on the knowledge they may have never heard about, along with retrospectives on forgotten stars who never get enough praise for the contributions. Plus, reminding everyone of the greatness of “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Twitter: @PoeticScotland


New Jamie Pro Writer

As a wrestling fan, Jamie is the newest of the team, starting just over a few years ago by stumbling across a Sky Sports broadcast of WWE on his grandad’s TV. The first match he ever saw was Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins on a random episode of RAW – the only thing he remembers about it is that Chris Jericho jumped the barricade wearing a mask to help KO win. Ever since Y2J has been one of his favourite wrestlers, as he remembers the “List of Jericho” gimmick with fondness.

In the years since he has delved deeper into the wrestling world, both past and present, leaving WWE behind no sooner than he found it. Jamie now frequents a myriad of promotions – most prominently NJPW. Puro is his main wrestling passion, so here’s hoping he can get to see it live one of these days!

Twitter: @JJohnson_16


Duchess of Dynamite

Once upon a time in the year 2005, a 9 year old girl saw the Boogeyman vomit worms all over a WWE ring. This was her introduction to professional wrestling, and miraculously, it did not turn her away. At all. Born and raised in Atlanta, Caro has spent the last 15 years treasuring everything wonderful about wrestling: its characters, stories, and funny moments. She especially enjoys watching AEW and New Japan, though will dabble in just about any promotion!

When she’s not overanalyzing every single detail of The Elite’s storylines, she loves playing video games, drinking bubble tea, and baking! She can also speak 4 languages, and was almost on Kidz Bop. Almost. As of this writing, Caro is still trying to figure out what Steiner math even is.

Twitter: @Miss_Mix_

Tom Tom the Cat

Curator of Cuteness

Forced to watch wrestling against his own will, Tom Tom doesn’t actually care for it very much, but was still kind enough to be our mascot.